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Tastiest Shawarma at Falafel King in Quincy

Falafel King is our favorite spot for falafels, chicken shawarma and kafta shish kabobs. We’ve tried other falafel shops around Boston and beyond, but they just can’t compare – either the flavors are off or the meats are dry and sad. This is not the case with Falafel King, which is why we have been coming here for years.

Also, while most other places do not include falafel with your plate, Falafel King throws in two giant falafels with each plate and salad order.

Typically, my go-to plate is the kafta shish kabob salad. It’s just so delicious. You can get it with rice, but the salad helps balance the richness of the kafta.


kafta shish kabob salad: ground beef & lamb mixed with chopped parsley and special spices grilled on a charcoal broiler

Just the other evening, we stopped by to place a kafta shish kabob salad to go and, to our shock, they were all sold out. What?!

And so, I ended up getting a chicken shawarma salad instead and the Mister got the lamb shawarma salad. Both are just as amazing. Props go to places that can serve up tender, juicy pieces of chicken on a consistent basis because that’s not easy.


chicken shawarma salad: grilled chicken marinated in lemon, olive oil, and spices


lamb shawarma salad: grilled lamb marinated in lemon, olive oil, and spices

Also, super glad to find out that they are indeed open again on Saturdays from 11am-5pm because a few weeks ago when we stopped by, we were met with a closed sign. It was sad, but now we are happy again!

Falafel King
690 Hancock St.
Quincy, MA 02170
(617) 773-0100

So Gong Dong Tofu & BBQ in Quincy, MA

This new spot is a great addition to the Kam Man plaza. The Mister and I were originally going to Falafel King but then we found out that they’re closed on the weekends now! What? When did this happen?

So, while I’m on my low carb diet, we were trying to figure out what would work and So Gong Dong Tofu & BBQ popped up on a quick Yelp search. So, Korean soup it is!


unlimited yummy tea

There’s no one to take your name when you first enter so be sure to write your name down on the clipboard.


the tasty side dishes. I wish there had been more.

The Mister and I ordered a kimchi jigae paired with rice in a stone pot. Other pairing options include ramen or a Korean noodle, but I didn’t want to have any carbs in the soup. This way, I knew it’d be on the side. There are also other jigae/soup choices (seafood, pork, vegetable and more) with your spiciness level preference – I wish I’d chosen very spicy instead of just spicy.


the bubbling cauldron of kimchi jigae.

The Mister ordered kalbi and they were pretty generous with the amount of meat piled on the plate. It was pretty dang delicious.


a beautiful trough of kalbi.

We’ll definitely be returning because for one it’s pretty good and for another it beats going out to Allston for Korean soup and trying to find parking there.

225 Quincy Ave
Quincy, MA 02169

Chili Square in Quincy, MA

We decided to switch it up from our usual fave, go-to weekend lunch spot Falafel King and try out Chili Square across the street the other week after our AM workout.

Ummm…Chili Square is really, really good – I’m still thinking about one of the noodle bowls weeks later.

spicy beef noodle soup

I ordered the spicy beef noodle soup. It had a really nice heat and punchy flavor, but it wasn’t heavy. The beef slices were super tender and flavorful. My only complaint is there weren’t enough beef slices. The beef to noodle ratio was ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong. The noodles were delicious, but I didn’t order just noodles and soup. If it hadn’t been for that this would be tops on my noodle soup list.

spicy cumin-spiced lamb noodles

I thought my noodle soup was amazing until I tried out the Mister’s cumin-spiced lamb with the flat noodles. It was out of this world. The lamb to noodle ratio was on point. This dish was rich – there was just enough fat to help the heat and cumin spice stick to the noodles.

I actually wanted to switch bowls with the Mister.

The space is pretty small, but worth the wait…or take-out. One bowl can easily feed two people. Next time, we just might split the cumin-spiced lamb noodle soup.

We are definitely returning.

Chili Square
666 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02170
open daily from 11AM-9:30PM

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