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Dinner at Mother Mash in London

Dinner of pie and bangers & mash with the Mister at Mother Mash.

The place wasn’t packed. And oddly, there was Kpop music playing on the speakers, which I actually very much appreciated.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

I ordered the classic pie and mash. It was ok. Just ok. Not amazing.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

And we decided to give mushy peas one more chance. Again, it was ok. Just ok. Would I be crushed to never have mushy peas again in my life ever? No.

All in all we had high hopes for Mother Mash but the food was just ok. The pie I had at the pub next to the hotel was much better. But, as a local told me, it’s really at the pubs where you can get a good pie and bangers & mash.


Mother Mash
26 Ganton Street
London W1F 7QZ

Lunch at Pieminister at Borough Market in London

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

I signed up for a Harry Potter Muggle Tour* on this day and before meeting up with the guide and everyone at London Bridge, I decided to check out Borough Market.

There were a lot of tasty looking foods to eat, but I had my eyes and stomach set on the pies at Pieminister which I had learned about on Buzzfeed.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

The top of the crust was flaky crisp and the classic filling of steak was so tender and tasty. My only gripe would be the rest of the pie — the sides and the bottom. I wish those parts had been flaky as well. It was kinda tough to break through with the wooden fork.

I will say that I did most appreciate the Pieminister worker for calling me, “love” when I went up to place my order and pay 🙂

* NOTE: Even though I’d only read half of the first Harry Potter book and didn’t really recall what happened in the movies, I signed up for the Muggle Tour. It was only afterward on my flight to Greece that I finished the second book and became a fan. I now appreciate having gone on it. I know. I’m late to the game.

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