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London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Long Black or Flat White? Coffee Culture in London

All I wanted was regular coffee with the option of getting light roast. I probably would’ve gotten that had I gone to the chains like Starbucks, Pret A Manger, or Costa. But, I wanted to experience the independent coffee houses. And, of the few different ones that I tried out, they really didn’t offer drip coffee. Or, if they did, they were out.

So, what did I come across most often? Lattes, capuccinos, and something very distinctly British:

  • long blacks: Americanos
  • flat whites: Lattes but less than a regular latte
  • the large sizes weren’t very large


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

85 Marchmont Street
London WC1N 1AL
Tube: Russell Square

My first coffee experience in London. This was down the street from the hotel. A lot of students and the hipster crowd hung out here having coffee and making use of the wifi and electrical outlets. I ordered a regular latte and needed some sketchbook travelog doodling time.

I stayed longer than I intended just because I was so enamored with the British accent.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

6 Lamb Street
London E1 6EA
Tube: Liverpool Street
(Located in Spitafields Market)

I really loved this shop. Both times I went, I ordered long blacks and the flavor was bold and robust.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
49 Cafe

49 Marchmont Street
Tube: Russell Square

Decided to try out 49 Cafe which was near hotel. It was later in the afternoon.

The people were super nice. I ordered a long black and for the first time ever the person taking my order had no idea what I was asking for. The manager came to the rescue. Unfortunately, the coffee was a bit too robust, verging on burnt?


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
petit a

38b Brunswick Center
London, WC1N 1AE
Tube: Russell Square

The Mister had been frequenting this small, little coffee shop and had been raving about it. It was literally right across the street from the hotel so I decided to check it out.

It was super, super cute. It’s not just a coffee shop, but it’s also a boutique selling housewares and other items.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

75 Leather Ln
London EC1N 7TJ

I was meandering around London after checking out the Charles Dickens Museum and Cartoon Museum of Art. I really had no idea where I was, but I ended up on Leather Lane and at a super nice coffee shop. The people were awesome and so was the coffee.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Vintage Bean Cafe
8 Cheshire Street
E2 6EH London

The Mister and I had walked and walked all over Brick Lane and were in need of a pick-me-up and a place to sit. We happened upon this cute little coffee shop and were sold.

I ordered a flat white and when I saw that they had Portuguese egg tarts I had to have one.

It was an ok spot.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Pret A Manger

40 Bernard Street
London WC1N 1LE
Tube: Russell Square

And, in the end, I just needed a regular coffee. This light roast did the trick as the Mister and I got ready to pack our bags and leave London for our flight to Greece.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Afternoon Tea at Tea and Tattle

If I could’ve had afternoon tea during my entire London trip, I think I would’ve been quite content. English scones are so delicious with the jam and clotted cream!

After exploring the British Museum, I was in dire need of sustenance. I didn’t want to eat in the museum although I read that it wasn’t too shabby, but I needed to get some air. I found out about the Tea and Tattle beforehand and since it was close to the museum, I added it to my list.

The tearoom is actually located in the lower level of a book shop. I made my way down the stairs and it wasn’t packed at all — just one group of ladies in the middle of their afternoon tea.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee


I had a pot of some earl grey tea. I like it with milk, no sugar.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

I chose the smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich. What is it about sandwiches cut into triangles with the crusts cut off that make me want to eat them?! So dainty and yummy.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Also had a slice of Victorian cake and, of course, some scones.

I am so in love with English scones it’s not even funny.


Tea and Tattle
41 Great Russell Street
London, WC1B 3PE
(opposite the British Museum)

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Dinner at The Little Viet Kitchen in Islington

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

The Little Viet Kitchen was on the Mister’s List of London Must-Dos. He follows Executive Chef Thuy Pham-Kelly on Instagram and Youtube. The food is Vietnamese, but with the chef’s own twist.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Started my meal with a hard cider from…South Africa!

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Appetizers of crispy lemongrass chicken wings. Yummy!

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
The Mister ordered the beef pho noodle soup. It was the first time we’d ever seen a hunk of bone marrow in it.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
I ordered the special of the day which was a pork belly rice bowl. I really liked it — perhaps, the best rice bowl I’ve had. The ratio of meat to vegetables to rice was perfect because we all know that it’s usually heavy on the rice.

We both really enjoyed the meal.


The Little Viet Kitchen

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Afternoon Tea at The Orangery at the Fan Museum

So, let me preface this by saying that visiting the Fan Museum was an excuse to experience my first afternoon tea at The Orangery. You can’t just stop by for afternoon tea. Admission to the museum is required.

I really enjoyed my tea experience. The lady who took my order asked if I wanted the scones warm or cold. What? Why would people want it cold?

Anyhow, I had the earl grey tea, warm scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, a slice of Victorian cake, and a lemon square. No sandwiches available 🙁 But, it was more than enough food and sugar. I actually couldn’t finish it all.

I wish I had researched the size of the Fan Museum a bit more. I would’ve included a trip to the Cutty Sark ship museum. The Fan museum comprises of two floors of two small rooms on both levels. The special exhibit on display during my visit was…”Made in China.”

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

I’ve never seen so many fans in my life.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Lovely bird feathers, but maybe not so much for the bird.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Loved the details on this pin.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

FYI Definitely warm scones — please!


The Fan Museum / Orangery
12 Crooms Hill, Greenwich,
London SE10 8ER

Dinner at Mother Mash in London

Dinner of pie and bangers & mash with the Mister at Mother Mash.

The place wasn’t packed. And oddly, there was Kpop music playing on the speakers, which I actually very much appreciated.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

I ordered the classic pie and mash. It was ok. Just ok. Not amazing.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

And we decided to give mushy peas one more chance. Again, it was ok. Just ok. Would I be crushed to never have mushy peas again in my life ever? No.

All in all we had high hopes for Mother Mash but the food was just ok. The pie I had at the pub next to the hotel was much better. But, as a local told me, it’s really at the pubs where you can get a good pie and bangers & mash.


Mother Mash
26 Ganton Street
London W1F 7QZ

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

A Full Day of Work While Holed Up in the Hotel Room

So, it can’t be all fun, all day as much as I would’ve liked 🙂

Before I left for my London trip, I was in the middle of a few projects — icon designs and logo design. I had to lug my mid-2009 17″ Macbook Pro behemoth (which ended up accounting for more than half of my allotted carry-on weight) with me along with my external hard drives and Wacom bamboo pen & tablet.

I was able to finish and finalize my projects and work on a new illustration project for a children’s play tea set that just came in.

Thank goodness there was a Waitrose near the hotel. I have to say that sandwich, chocolate pudding, and Walkers chips (aka crisps) I got weren’t too shabby at all.

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

But, of course, I had to partake is some messenger fun with my friend. Here’s an apple.

A Visit to Gosh! Comics in Soho

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

The Mister and I like to visit comic book shops. Gosh! Comics was on our radars.

I didn’t bother checking out the latest DC / Marvel books. I focused my attention on the local and independent London comic artists. There was a nice section completely devoted to them.

And then, a cover caught my eye. But it was the title that hooked me in.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
The Gherkin & Sardine (A True Love Story)” by Amber Hsu made my heart melt. And, of course, I had to pick up her other comic “Lemons Roses Happiness and Other One Pound Whimsies.”

My time at Gosh! Comics was most definitely a success!


Gosh! Comics
1 Berwick Street
London W1F 0DR

Fancy Dim Sum Brunch at Yauatcha in Soho

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

This was a fancy dim sum experience for sure and a very enjoyable one at that.

Yauatcha was one of the places I had bookmarked in my Lonely Planet travel guide. Fortunately, I was able to try the place out with a large group because how can you do dim sum for one? You just can’t!

The Mister and his work colleagues had the weekend off. So, we decided to gather on Saturday and head out to Soho for dim sum brunch. Yauatcha didn’t open until 11AM so we killed some time at the nearby Starbucks and arcade. It was actually a good thing we got there so early because bookings are required — and we didn’t make one. But, there was a table free until 1:30PM — weird how they give you a time to get out of there by.

The space was super swanky and everyone was super super nice!

We ordered a few dishes. It was a bit expensive so this was purely for tasting and not gorging 🙂

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
First off, the jasmine tea was amazing. I mean, I’ve had my fair of jasmine tea, but this one was, like, whoa. The flavor and aroma!

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Vegetable dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Shrimp dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Pork and vegetable dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Pork shumai dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
The staff’s recommendation did not disappoint. Shrimp wrapped in a fried dough and then wrapped in rice noodles. It was so delicious and crunchy!

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Some vegan duck

The Lonely Planet travel guide did not lead me astray on this one. I just wish I had room for all the sweets they had.


15-17 Broadwick Street


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