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Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant in Chinatown

My mom and her friend get together for dim sum at Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant in Boston Chinatown. Up until the other day I’d only ever gone there to order baked curry beef buns, baked bbq pork buns, a bag of cake ends, and egg tarts.

On weekends, the restaurant is so jam packed so I don’t even bother waiting. Luckily, I was in town early enough the other day to finally try out the dim sum.


shrimp dumplings, “har gow”


shrimp & pork dumplings, “siu mai”


beef balls, “ngao yuk yurn”


bbq pork steamed rice noodle, “chau siu cheurng”


a steamed plate of Chinese broccoli

This place is really good compared to the big ones in the area. Space is super tight but if you can get there before 9:45AM, you will be in luck. Or, if you don’t mind waiting.

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant
61-63 Beach Street
Boston, MA 02111

Fancy Dim Sum Brunch at Yauatcha in Soho

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

This was a fancy dim sum experience for sure and a very enjoyable one at that.

Yauatcha was one of the places I had bookmarked in my Lonely Planet travel guide. Fortunately, I was able to try the place out with a large group because how can you do dim sum for one? You just can’t!

The Mister and his work colleagues had the weekend off. So, we decided to gather on Saturday and head out to Soho for dim sum brunch. Yauatcha didn’t open until 11AM so we killed some time at the nearby Starbucks and arcade. It was actually a good thing we got there so early because bookings are required — and we didn’t make one. But, there was a table free until 1:30PM — weird how they give you a time to get out of there by.

The space was super swanky and everyone was super super nice!

We ordered a few dishes. It was a bit expensive so this was purely for tasting and not gorging 🙂

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
First off, the jasmine tea was amazing. I mean, I’ve had my fair of jasmine tea, but this one was, like, whoa. The flavor and aroma!

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Vegetable dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Shrimp dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Pork and vegetable dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Pork shumai dumplings

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
The staff’s recommendation did not disappoint. Shrimp wrapped in a fried dough and then wrapped in rice noodles. It was so delicious and crunchy!

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Some vegan duck

The Lonely Planet travel guide did not lead me astray on this one. I just wish I had room for all the sweets they had.


15-17 Broadwick Street


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