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Greece 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Coffee at the Superfly Cafe in Athens, Greece

What a cool and fun cafe & bar!

The Superfly Cafe and Bar was on the Mister’s radar. So, on our last day in Athens, we went to search for it. We even walked past a few other cafes to get to this one.

We looked out of place again — surprise, surprise. But, the barista/bartender greeted us and made us feel so welcome. Our fredo expressos came out in cute jam jars.

Greece 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Comfy seating was available everywhere. You can find a couch or a table with a suitcase for a table top. Take your pick. There were young people hanging out, having their coffee, and smoking away.

Greece 2015 | by Lillian LeeThere were pinball machines.

Greece 2015 | by Lillian Lee
We sat near an old Commodore computer and some lady pin-up posters.

The one thing that threw me for a loop, I must say, when in Athens was the smoking while indoors culture. I take for granted not having to inhale smoke in small, confined spaces because within the hour my throat got dry and I started coughing. Not fun.


Superfly Cafe and Bar
Athens, Greece

Greece 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Coffee Culture in Greece. Frappe? Freddo Expresso?

So, we moved from the land of long blacks and flat whites to a land of frappes and freddo expressos (cappuccino freddo).

I’m still not quite sure which is which but one is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee and the other entails mixing coffee, water, and optionally, sugar, together using either an electric mixer or a shaker to create a foam. Subsequently, milk is optionally added followed by ice cubes, and the remainder is topped with water. They both sound and look about the same to me.

Greece 2015 | by Lillian Lee
This is the traditional Greek coffee where apparently need the stomach of an ox to take. Actual coffee grinds are incorporated into the drink.

Greece 2015 | by Lillian Lee
This is either the frappe or the freddo expresso. I had a lot of these while in Greece. The amazing feature of the drink is the thick, rich milk foam that tops it off. It’s unlike any milk foam. You have to really use the straw to push it down and mix with the coffee. Unreal. 

Greece 2015 | by Lillian Lee
A cup of French press coffee in Santorini. It exists 🙂

Also found a coffee shop in Athens for an iced freddo expresso to-go.

It’s amazing how in Greece you can get an expresso in like two seconds flat after having made the order whereas you order one at a Starbucks or coffee shop in Boston and it takes forever and a day. How do they do it?

London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

Long Black or Flat White? Coffee Culture in London

All I wanted was regular coffee with the option of getting light roast. I probably would’ve gotten that had I gone to the chains like Starbucks, Pret A Manger, or Costa. But, I wanted to experience the independent coffee houses. And, of the few different ones that I tried out, they really didn’t offer drip coffee. Or, if they did, they were out.

So, what did I come across most often? Lattes, capuccinos, and something very distinctly British:

  • long blacks: Americanos
  • flat whites: Lattes but less than a regular latte
  • the large sizes weren’t very large


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

85 Marchmont Street
London WC1N 1AL
Tube: Russell Square

My first coffee experience in London. This was down the street from the hotel. A lot of students and the hipster crowd hung out here having coffee and making use of the wifi and electrical outlets. I ordered a regular latte and needed some sketchbook travelog doodling time.

I stayed longer than I intended just because I was so enamored with the British accent.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

6 Lamb Street
London E1 6EA
Tube: Liverpool Street
(Located in Spitafields Market)

I really loved this shop. Both times I went, I ordered long blacks and the flavor was bold and robust.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
49 Cafe

49 Marchmont Street
Tube: Russell Square

Decided to try out 49 Cafe which was near hotel. It was later in the afternoon.

The people were super nice. I ordered a long black and for the first time ever the person taking my order had no idea what I was asking for. The manager came to the rescue. Unfortunately, the coffee was a bit too robust, verging on burnt?


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
petit a

38b Brunswick Center
London, WC1N 1AE
Tube: Russell Square

The Mister had been frequenting this small, little coffee shop and had been raving about it. It was literally right across the street from the hotel so I decided to check it out.

It was super, super cute. It’s not just a coffee shop, but it’s also a boutique selling housewares and other items.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee

75 Leather Ln
London EC1N 7TJ

I was meandering around London after checking out the Charles Dickens Museum and Cartoon Museum of Art. I really had no idea where I was, but I ended up on Leather Lane and at a super nice coffee shop. The people were awesome and so was the coffee.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Vintage Bean Cafe
8 Cheshire Street
E2 6EH London

The Mister and I had walked and walked all over Brick Lane and were in need of a pick-me-up and a place to sit. We happened upon this cute little coffee shop and were sold.

I ordered a flat white and when I saw that they had Portuguese egg tarts I had to have one.

It was an ok spot.


London 2015 | by Lillian Lee
Pret A Manger

40 Bernard Street
London WC1N 1LE
Tube: Russell Square

And, in the end, I just needed a regular coffee. This light roast did the trick as the Mister and I got ready to pack our bags and leave London for our flight to Greece.

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