It was New Year’s weekend and Montreal seemed to have shut down for the most part. Some of the local dining spots we had bookmarked were closed for the week. Who knew New Year’s was such a big deal in Montreal? Luckily for us, Schwartz’s was open for business.

Montreal, Canada 2016 | by Lillian Lee

Over 80 years of tradition – A Montreal classic. The oldest deli in Canada.

We arrived during the lunch hour rush. There was a bit of a line, but it was moving pretty fast. The Mister and I were able to get the table for two at the far end.

Montreal, Canada | by Lillian Lee

We ordered two smoked meat sandwiches — one medium and one fatty — a pickle, and some classic poutine. The fatty smoked meat was so amazingly delicious! Why would you get a lean cut, when you can get a fatty cut?

The sandwiches were dressed simply with mustard on rye bread. When I compare it to the hot salt beef sandwich that I had in London, I wonder how the Brits could think hot salt beef would be good unless they enjoy chowing on salt sticks.

Montreal, Canada 2016 | by Lillian Lee

Before coming to Schwartz’s, we almost went to the poutine place, Patiti Patata, but the line was ridiculous. I’d rather wait for smoked meat than potatoes. And the one we ordered at Schwartz’s wasn’t too shabby.

A lot of notable people have dined at Schwartz’s. Chief among them is Anthony Bourdain, who I am a fangirl of. So, it was thrilling to have our order taken by the same fellow who took Bourdain’s order as well.

The hype is real about this place.