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The Great Bukowski Tavern in Boston

This is my favorite spot in Boston (especially around the Back Bay Area) for really good beer and really amazing tater tots in a low-key, casual atmosphere. Just find a seat at the bar or a free table and park it.

Bukowski Tavern
50 Dalton St
Boston, MA 02115
(21+ and cash only)


And when this place says 21+ only, they really mean it. The Mister and I were sitting at the bar one time and the bartender/server asked this couple with their baby to leave. No exceptions.

So now that I’m pregnant, we’re getting in as much Bukowski Tavern time as possible 🙂


A visit must always – always – include an order of the white trash poutine tater tots. I wish they offered a bucket-sized portion cuz I’d order it.

It’s a great classic menu of burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, sandwiches and specials. You can’t go wrong.

J.P. Licks in Jamaica Plain Neighborhood of Boston, MA

I stray from J.P. Licks from time to time, but I always return. They have super fun flavors and the ice cream itself is rich, thick and creamy. After experiencing ice-y ice cream the other week, I now appreciate J.P Licks even more.

Homemade ice cream and coffee cafe with 13 locations in and around Boston

Here are July flavors of the month…

Nano Black Soft Serve
It’s vanilla and activated charcoal soft serve. I like that it’s black and super emo/anti-mermaid, but in terms of flavor, I didn’t really get that hit of vanilla. Or maybe the color was throwing me off? I wonder tho what it could’ve tasted like if they had given it a black sesame flavor instead. Still, it’s fun, but you better wipe your mouth when you’re done eating it.

Fruity Pebbles Cereal Milk
Ummm…please make this a forever flavor! I haven’t had Fruity Pebbles cereal since I was a kid so this definitely brought back happy memories. I absolutely loved it. So, question is; would I rather have this or Milkbar’s famed cereal milk soft serve ice cream? I’m gonna have to go with Fruity Pebbles Cereal Milk. (Note: you can also get it in frappe form).

Fiore’s Bakery in Jamaica Plain Neighborhood of Boston, MA

Today’s all-day breakfast special, heuvos rancheros plate.

This local, neighborhood bakery has become our Sunday go-to spot.

They’ve got delicious food for vegans and non-vegans – sandwiches, soups, bagels, smoothies, and pastries. Also, the coffee is on point. (Note, if you’re staying to work, which is what we do, coffee refills are just $1)

Traditional American/Italian Bakery and Bistro Specializing in Vegan and Vegetarian Offerings

I’ve only had a few things from the menu, but they were all tasty:

Jamaica Pond Sandwich

chicken or eggplant with red peppers, cartelized onions, provolone, pesto and tomato spread) with a side of roasted potatoes and salad greens

This is a tasty sandwich but a challenge to eat because it’s stuffed with so much goodness and the bread is pretty hearty. Everything ended up squirting out and so I had to use a fork and knife.

Italian Combo Sandwich

ham, salami, tomato, provolone, lettuce, olive oil

This was very tasty. The bread was perfect and it was pressed which made it even better because it tasted pretty much like a grilled cheese but with italian meats!

Blueberry Pie

Ummm…best. pie. ever! I loved the crust and the fruit was candy-tastic. I like my fruit pies sweet – not tart. And, I like my fruit pies to not be a runny mess. This was everything I hoped for and then some.


The original was light, fluffy and airy. I’m a sucker for tiramisu…

but the almond version had a beautiful crunch from the almond toppings to the almond crust on the bottom.

Everything is amazing and I can’t wait to try all the other sandwiches and baked goods they have. Seating is a little limiting and it may take a minute or more for your sandwich to be ready, but it’s worth it. Plus, free wifi!

(Note: If you order a sandwich and eat in, you’ll get the side of potatoes and salad. If you do a take-out, then you’ll miss out on that)

Fiore’s Bakery
55 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm, Sunday 8am-6pm


Chili Square in Quincy, MA

We decided to switch it up from our usual fave, go-to weekend lunch spot Falafel King and try out Chili Square across the street the other week after our AM workout.

Ummm…Chili Square is really, really good – I’m still thinking about one of the noodle bowls weeks later.

spicy beef noodle soup

I ordered the spicy beef noodle soup. It had a really nice heat and punchy flavor, but it wasn’t heavy. The beef slices were super tender and flavorful. My only complaint is there weren’t enough beef slices. The beef to noodle ratio was ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong. The noodles were delicious, but I didn’t order just noodles and soup. If it hadn’t been for that this would be tops on my noodle soup list.

spicy cumin-spiced lamb noodles

I thought my noodle soup was amazing until I tried out the Mister’s cumin-spiced lamb with the flat noodles. It was out of this world. The lamb to noodle ratio was on point. This dish was rich – there was just enough fat to help the heat and cumin spice stick to the noodles.

I actually wanted to switch bowls with the Mister.

The space is pretty small, but worth the wait…or take-out. One bowl can easily feed two people. Next time, we just might split the cumin-spiced lamb noodle soup.

We are definitely returning.

Chili Square
666 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02170
open daily from 11AM-9:30PM

Pride & Prejudice at The Footlight Club

This community production of Jane Austen‘s Pride & Prejudice by The Footlight Club was chock full of laughter and surprise. I didn’t think there could be anything further to explore with the story considering the 1995 BBC version and 2005 film. But, I was wrong – so absolutely wrong.

As a Jane Austen fan who visited her home in Chawton and visited the British Library just to see her writing desk, I loved the play from beginning to end.

The cast all brought something new to these well-loved, iconic characters. I daresay that I preferred this production’s take on Mary, Mrs. Bennet, and…Mr. Darcy. Because of the focus on comedy, the actors and actresses were able to bring out the more endearing qualities of the characters. This was especially true of Mary, the middle Bennet sister who is often depicted as the third wheel and very one-dimensional – aka, annoying AF. But, in this play, Mary is…pretty cool. She’s definitely in her own world, but isn’t a complete asshole about it.

Along with the wonderful cast, the set was beautiful. That moment when the curtains parted to reveal the sitting room, amazed me. They were able to do so much with that one set. That is skill. Also, I couldn’t stop staring at the flickering lights of the chandelier. I wanted that chandelier and that lighting for my own home

The theater itself is a historic space. It’s America’s oldest community theater and was built not long after the novel was published – kinda makes the experience all the more memorable.

A well-deserved bravo bravo to the cast, crew and all the people who made this possible! Thanks to the husband for finding out about this play just in the nick of time because we caught the very last show on Saturday at 8PM.

Check out The Footlight Club Facebook page for more about the cast & crew – absolutely loved the Q&As and behind-the-scene photos.

The theatre transported me back in time. I loved the high ceilings, the creakiness of the wooden floor, and the old seats (which I found charming, but will be replaced with brand new ones very soon…apparently with arms this time).

PS. I’d like to give a shout-out to Jane Ko the stage manager because she wrote the most epic of profiles. Her Emma Stone burn was brilliant 🔥

7 Eliot St
Boston, Massachusetts
(Jamaica Plain neighborhood)

Adapted from the Novel by Jane Austen / Pride and Prejudice By Jane Kendall
Directed by Kristin Hughes
Produced by David J. Rodrigues

Anna Chensny as Elizabeth Bennett
Corey Exline as Jane Bennett
Katie Suchyta as Mary Bennett
Aiden O’Neal as Kitty Bennett
Shannon DeBari as Lydia Bennett
Andrea Giangreco as Mrs. Bennett
Jack Sinnot as Mr. Bennett
David S. Wright Mr. Darcy
Jimi McEvoy as Mr. Bingley
John Knight as Mr. Collins
Lauren Murphy as Ms. Bingley
Allie Meek as Charlotte Lucas
Mary O’Donnell as Lady Catherine
Catherine Verow Quintana as Lady Lucas
Matthew Harker as Mr. Wickham
Paul Campbell as Hill

Laughing Monk Cafe, Thai by Day & Sushi by Night

The Mister has been talking about the Laughing Monk Cafe for awhile now and, truth be told, I was a bit hesitant because although I find Thai food to be quite delicious, I never have a serious craving for it. It’s never a type of cuisine that’ll pop up first on my list. Besides, very few can beat out tacos/burritos and tater tots.

But, we went the other week. And…

o.m.g. It was absolutely amazing – a blend of Thailand and Japan. Who knew?

We opted for the omakase menu so that we could get a tasting of a variety of bites. It was a mix of traditional Thai dishes and really creative sushi. The dishes that stole our hearts? Chef Nick’s signature sushi creations in nigiri style – a lot of new, interesting flavors that will keep us going back for more.

Below were our favorites. We forgot what the rest of the sushi were but all we remembered was that they were delicious.

BBQ ribs were so tender

Chicken wings with basil

Dragon Seeds: salmon belly, spicy ginger, aiori, golden berry, and edible silver leaf. This was magical.

Laughing Monk Cafe is a Thai and Sushi restaurant in Brigham Circle. We offer a quick lunch and casual style full service dinner.
For the sushi bar, Chef Nick Korboon acquires fresh ingredients every morning before starting his creations at the sushi bar. His masterpieces
may change based on the fresh vegetables or edible micro-flowers available on that day.
Our Thai kitchen is supervised by Chef Dacha, young man from E-sarn, the northeastern part of Thailand. – You can find his authentic Thai flavors in our Small Dish menu when spicy means spicy.
Special dishes from Chef Nick and Chef Dacha are reserved for dining-in only.

Linda’s Donuts in Belmont, MA

Linda’s Donuts were quite possibly the most delicious donuts I’ve ever eaten.

We got there later around noon, which is pretty late for a donut shop. Not everything was available, i.e. all the Boston Cream donuts were gone…sadness. But, what they did have, did not disappoint at all.

For the first round, we chose a sugar raised and the much-talked about chocolate covered chocolate donuts.

The sugar raised donut was my favorite – it was like biting into the fluffiest cloud. What I appreciated was how fine the sugar coating was and the fact that the donut wasn’t a sugar bomb – the donut itself wasn’t sweet, it was the coating that gave the sweetness. I could eat a dozen of these by myself.


The chocolate covered chocolate donut was a cake donut. Typically, they are not my fave because they tend to be dense and dry. But this one was like biting into a moist cake. It was pretty amazing.

We thought we were done, but I wanted just one more sugar raised donut. So we went for round two. Unfortunately, by the time we got back to the counter, Linda had sold out of all the sugar raised.

Instead, we picked a traditional jelly and a blueberry donut.

The jelly donut was pretty tasty. I wasn’t crazy about the jelly only because I don’t like eating mouthfuls of pure jelly. There’s always that point in the jelly donut eating experience where you’ll have to eat all-jelly else it’ll ooze out onto the table or your hands.

The blueberry donut… o.m.g. I am prejudiced in my love for this donut because I love blueberry everything. What made this even more amazing was biting into actual blueberries in the jam. It was perfect.

I’ll definitely be returning to Linda’s Donuts. Heck, I’ll even get up early.


We returned Saturday morning and just in time…

for a fresh tray of the Boston cream donuts! We thought we were late and we were, but just as we were next in line, they came out with a new batch to stock most of the sold-out donuts. And, Boston creams are my favorite!

I love how the chocolate frosting is drippy cuz I’m not a fan of how some of the hip donut shops these days are using chocolate that you have to bite into. The cream itself wasn’t overly sweet. Hands down this is the best Boston cream donut I’ve had yet.

Next, we tried the Bavarian cream. Again, pillowy soft with the same cream used in the Boston cream. I usually am not a fan of Bavarians but this one was 💯.

And then, we couldn’t resist – or, I couldn’t resist – getting a chocolate covered donut. We had no more room to eat it so we saved it for the next morning and it was just as delicious.

Linda’s Donuts has stolen my donut heart.

Linda’s Donuts
247 Belmont St
Belmont, MA 02478

Beantown Pastrami Pop-Up at Bone Up Brewing Company

Beantown Pastrami Pop Up at Bone Up Brewing Company | by Lillian Lee

We came for the pastrami but stayed a bit longer for the beer and a mean game of Exploding Kittens.

Beantown Pastrami Pop Up at Bone Up Brewing Company | by Lillian Lee

Beantown Pastrami with cheese and a side of potato salad, $14.

The Mister spotted a pastrami pop-up at the Bone Up Brewing Company, a brewery he’s been meaning to try so we decided to check it out.

The pastrami sandwich was good but…it needed a heartier bread. For $14, please give me good bread because if you don’t, I feel kinda let down even if the innards are amazing.

The beer however was delicious. The Mister chose Wasted Life because he loves IPAs and I chose the Black Witow which was billed as a light dark beer. Pretty tasty.

Beantown Pastrami Pop Up at Bone Up Brewing Company | by Lillian Lee

Playing a mean game of Exploding Kittens.

Since the group sitting next to us were playing Cards Against Humanity, we decided to pick up a game Exploding Kittens. Mixed in with all the board games, there was also an arcade and pinball machine.

It’s a nice cozy spot so it can fill up pretty quickly. The people are super nice and welcoming. There are snacks for sale – a lot of Skinny Popcorn being eaten – but if that isn’t enough for you, you can either bring your own food or have food delivered.

It was a good thing we went during a wonky hour – around 2:30 – because by the time we left, there was a pretty long line.

Bone Up Brewing Company
38 Norman St
Everett, MA 02149

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