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2018 Dorchester Chili Cook-Off

We always try to keep an eye out for the next Dorchester Chili Cook-Off. It’s one of our favorite chili fests. Last year was great and this year did not disappoint.

Held again at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 103 in Dorchester, there were so many tasty hits. I just wish we’d had a better plan of attack, i.e. share the chili first instead of getting our own. Our guts were bursting by the end.


Pork and venison chili with pork rinds, mango salsa, cheese, and cornbread. It was different, but delicious still because most recipes that veer away from the original end up being too far off. This one was really good.


This was a bright tasting chili by Lower Mills Tavern / Chef Colton. It reminded me of a carnitas with salsa verde. It was topped with cheese, sour cream and…fried grasshoppers.


Some good, solid chili topped with guacamole, cheese and sour cream. The guac really made a difference. I’m gonna start doing this myself.


Macarons! They were so pretty and so delicious! We actually made a beeline to this first because they go fast. Strawberry, pistachio, vanilla, and lemon flavors by Sweet Life & Bakery.

We can’t wait for next year when we’ll have the baby strapped onto us while we make the rounds.

Pride & Prejudice at The Footlight Club

This community production of Jane Austen‘s Pride & Prejudice by The Footlight Club was chock full of laughter and surprise. I didn’t think there could be anything further to explore with the story considering the 1995 BBC version and 2005 film. But, I was wrong – so absolutely wrong.

As a Jane Austen fan who visited her home in Chawton and visited the British Library just to see her writing desk, I loved the play from beginning to end.

The cast all brought something new to these well-loved, iconic characters. I daresay that I preferred this production’s take on Mary, Mrs. Bennet, and…Mr. Darcy. Because of the focus on comedy, the actors and actresses were able to bring out the more endearing qualities of the characters. This was especially true of Mary, the middle Bennet sister who is often depicted as the third wheel and very one-dimensional – aka, annoying AF. But, in this play, Mary is…pretty cool. She’s definitely in her own world, but isn’t a complete asshole about it.

Along with the wonderful cast, the set was beautiful. That moment when the curtains parted to reveal the sitting room, amazed me. They were able to do so much with that one set. That is skill. Also, I couldn’t stop staring at the flickering lights of the chandelier. I wanted that chandelier and that lighting for my own home

The theater itself is a historic space. It’s America’s oldest community theater and was built not long after the novel was published – kinda makes the experience all the more memorable.

A well-deserved bravo bravo to the cast, crew and all the people who made this possible! Thanks to the husband for finding out about this play just in the nick of time because we caught the very last show on Saturday at 8PM.

Check out The Footlight Club Facebook page for more about the cast & crew – absolutely loved the Q&As and behind-the-scene photos.

The theatre transported me back in time. I loved the high ceilings, the creakiness of the wooden floor, and the old seats (which I found charming, but will be replaced with brand new ones very soon…apparently with arms this time).

PS. I’d like to give a shout-out to Jane Ko the stage manager because she wrote the most epic of profiles. Her Emma Stone burn was brilliant 🔥

7 Eliot St
Boston, Massachusetts
(Jamaica Plain neighborhood)

Adapted from the Novel by Jane Austen / Pride and Prejudice By Jane Kendall
Directed by Kristin Hughes
Produced by David J. Rodrigues

Anna Chensny as Elizabeth Bennett
Corey Exline as Jane Bennett
Katie Suchyta as Mary Bennett
Aiden O’Neal as Kitty Bennett
Shannon DeBari as Lydia Bennett
Andrea Giangreco as Mrs. Bennett
Jack Sinnot as Mr. Bennett
David S. Wright Mr. Darcy
Jimi McEvoy as Mr. Bingley
John Knight as Mr. Collins
Lauren Murphy as Ms. Bingley
Allie Meek as Charlotte Lucas
Mary O’Donnell as Lady Catherine
Catherine Verow Quintana as Lady Lucas
Matthew Harker as Mr. Wickham
Paul Campbell as Hill

Beantown Pastrami Pop-Up at Bone Up Brewing Company

Beantown Pastrami Pop Up at Bone Up Brewing Company | by Lillian Lee

We came for the pastrami but stayed a bit longer for the beer and a mean game of Exploding Kittens.

Beantown Pastrami Pop Up at Bone Up Brewing Company | by Lillian Lee

Beantown Pastrami with cheese and a side of potato salad, $14.

The Mister spotted a pastrami pop-up at the Bone Up Brewing Company, a brewery he’s been meaning to try so we decided to check it out.

The pastrami sandwich was good but…it needed a heartier bread. For $14, please give me good bread because if you don’t, I feel kinda let down even if the innards are amazing.

The beer however was delicious. The Mister chose Wasted Life because he loves IPAs and I chose the Black Witow which was billed as a light dark beer. Pretty tasty.

Beantown Pastrami Pop Up at Bone Up Brewing Company | by Lillian Lee

Playing a mean game of Exploding Kittens.

Since the group sitting next to us were playing Cards Against Humanity, we decided to pick up a game Exploding Kittens. Mixed in with all the board games, there was also an arcade and pinball machine.

It’s a nice cozy spot so it can fill up pretty quickly. The people are super nice and welcoming. There are snacks for sale – a lot of Skinny Popcorn being eaten – but if that isn’t enough for you, you can either bring your own food or have food delivered.

It was a good thing we went during a wonky hour – around 2:30 – because by the time we left, there was a pretty long line.

Bone Up Brewing Company
38 Norman St
Everett, MA 02149

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill | by Lillian Lee

We got a little taste of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market at the Wegmans in Chestnut Hill this afternoon during lunch. This special event offered unique cuts of fish prepared by Wegmans’ sushi chefs in partnership with Japan’s top fishmonger, Uoriki. It was crazy crowded but a delicious time enjoying blocks of tuna, some shabu, and Suntory whiskey…oh, and, of course donuts. I can NOT not have donuts when I visit Wegmans.

In the time-honored Tsukiji tradition, the show will feature whole, farm-raised Bluefin tuna, sourced from Kindai University and Takuyo in Japan, masterfully taken apart with a 6-foot knife and filleted in front of the crowd. The tuna is portioned and the final cuts are made into sashimi-style pieces called saku blocks, which are then packaged and carried out on trays for customers to purchase. Read more about the event.

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill | by Lillian Lee

It was a thick piece of fish.

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill | by Lillian Lee

It took a couple guys and long knives to chop through the tuna.

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill | by Lillian Lee

Here’s the tuna head that was up for auction. We thought the auction was just for fun, but it was real. This went for $100.

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill | by Lillian Lee

Chunks of blue fin tuna, fatty and even more fatty.

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill | by Lillian Lee

Usually free samples suck, but this was good. Nice, sweet dashi broth and chunks of fish and vegetables.

Sushi Fest at Wegmans Chestnut Hill | by Lillian Lee

I had to try the square donut…along with the jelly and Boston cream.


Dorchester Chili Cook-Off. Here We Go Again

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

The event was held at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 103 on 256 Freeport St. in Dorchester, MA.

We missed the Dorchester Chili Cook Off event last year so we made sure to calendar it in when we found out when it’d be taking place for 2017. And, just like two years before, it did not disappoint.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off (Richard Martin Foundation) | by Lillian Lee

My favorite chili at the event was from the Richard Martin Foundation. It was one of the first chilis we tasted and at the end I had to go back to re-set my palate because there were quite a few sketchy recipes I came across. What made the Richard Martin Foundation chili so delicious was the balance of flavors and the accompaniments of fried onions, guacamole, cheese and sour cream. FYI, they won the People’s Choice award as they should have.

Unfortunately, after having such tasty chili from the Richard Martin Foundation, everything else was a miss from there. Either the chilis tasted too salty, too sweet or were too watery or too dry…or worse, tasted weird.

Luckily, there were some sweet treats to save the day.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

Some strawberry cheesecake ice cream from the Puritan Ice Cream factory. Was it weird to go from chili to ice cream and then back to chili? A little, but it was good ice cream and glad we didn’t wait on this because they ran out pretty soon afterward.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

There were also other sweet treats like macaroons, eclairs, brownies, and cookies from The Sweet Life Lower Mills. The macaroons looked so pretty and were so yummy. I helped myself to a couple.

The only other chili stand-outs were from Tavolo (featured photo up top) and the firefighters from Engine 18, Ladder 6.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

By the end, we were ready to burst from the amount of food we ate. Hours later, we’re still nursing our food babies.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. We can’t wait for next year!

Video games, video games and…my hero, Bill Amend! PAX East 2017

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I must make a confession. In all the years that I worked at Mimoco, I never went to PAX East…aside from a pre-party. I know. Terrible. But, better late than never, right?

Let me just say that I had an amazing time because it started off so very very very amazing.

Bill Amend of Fox Trot at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I met my cartoonist / comic strip / comic art hero Bill Amend of Fox Trot. I told him how much I loved his work and how much he’s inspired my comic work. Right afterward, I ran away ‘cuz that’s how I do.

Pinny Arcade pin of Quincy by Bill Amend of Fox Trot at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I picked up one of the two pins he was selling – Quincy for the win! Of course, I asked him to sign it for me. Thank you Bill! 

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Descending from the escalator, I was greeted with this sight. It reminded me a little bit of San Diego Comic Con – the loud-thumping sounds and sheer mass of people. Wowee

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

A giant inflatable dragon from Trion Worlds.

Alchemist tabletop board game at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I played my first tabletop game called Alchemist. I won due to being efficient with my cauldron…and asking the demo guy what he would do if he had my cards and stones.

Inner Space at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

The Mister waited to play Inner Space by PolyKnight Games. It looked so beautiful and ethereal. 

Floor Kids by Kid Koala at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

A new tablet/phone game being released by Kid Koala called Floor Kids. It’s a rhythm and music game with a lot of tap tap taps which was right up my alley.

Floor Kids by Kid Koala at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Loved the toy record player display for the Floor Kids booth. It was so cute.


papa bubble candy at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Candy by papabubble from one of the Nintendo booths was SO delicious. Usually these candies are pretty disgusting but papabubble made them amazing – some of the flavors like peach were yum!

Russian Subway Dogs by Spooky Squid Games at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

A friend highly suggested I try out Russian Subway Dogs and it was a blast. It was easy and simple enough…even though I died at the end.

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I was more interested in the artwork and design of the games at PAX East more than the game play. So beautiful!

Graceful Explosion Machine by Nintendo at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Loved the simple shapes and colors for Graceful Explosion Machine by Nintendo.

It was a lot of walking and I seriously regret not remembering to wear my Fitbit. But, for me, the two highlights were hanging out with great friends and meeting Bill Amend….oh wait, and finding street parking close by because it was cold AF!

A Night of Laughs with comedian, Ronny Chieng from The Daily Show

The Rockwell

Saturday night at The Rockwell in Somerville, Ronny Chieng from The Daily Show made me laugh so hard that tears were rolling down my face and my voice got hoarse from laughing so much.

This was exactly what I needed after the week we had and I’m so glad that he touched on the insanity. Yes, yes…yassss!

I didn’t care too much for the comics that preceded him tho especially when one of them, who was actually the host, recycled the whole Chinese-people-eating-cats/dogs “joke.” Really? You’re gonna throw that one out knowing that Ronny is headlining the event? And, knowing that it’s been done so much that unless you bring something new to the table, you better sit down and stay seated. But, the Mister and I didn’t come to the show for him. Thank gawd.

Ronny touched on so many things that the Mister and I could relate to: going through customs at the airport, the subway, and being Chinese among many other things.

Ronny Chieng | by Lillian Lee

At the end of the show, Ronny was super nice about meeting the audience and we jumped at the chance. I told him, “I love you,” as the Mister and I left with a couple USBs of his previous specials.

I asked the Mister if he was aight with me telling that to Ronny to which he responded that he loved Ronny too.

Crazy, jam-packed NYC weekend

What So Not | by Lillian Lee

Although I can still cut the rug up with the best of them, it takes me 10X’s longer to bounce back to life. I needed two days to recover from this past weekend’s NYC adventure.

The highlight was What So Not on Saturday night at Terminal 5 when he played his mix of the theme music from Stranger Things:

It was ah-mazing!

A weekend of non-stop DJ shows and eating…in other words, a perfect weekend.


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