Linda’s Donuts were quite possibly the most delicious donuts I’ve ever eaten.

We got there later around noon, which is pretty late for a donut shop. Not everything was available, i.e. all the Boston Cream donuts were gone…sadness. But, what they did have, did not disappoint at all.

For the first round, we chose a sugar raised and the much-talked about chocolate covered chocolate donuts.

The sugar raised donut was my favorite – it was like biting into the fluffiest cloud. What I appreciated was how fine the sugar coating was and the fact that the donut wasn’t a sugar bomb – the donut itself wasn’t sweet, it was the coating that gave the sweetness. I could eat a dozen of these by myself.


The chocolate covered chocolate donut was a cake donut. Typically, they are not my fave because they tend to be dense and dry. But this one was like biting into a moist cake. It was pretty amazing.

We thought we were done, but I wanted just one more sugar raised donut. So we went for round two. Unfortunately, by the time we got back to the counter, Linda had sold out of all the sugar raised.

Instead, we picked a traditional jelly and a blueberry donut.

The jelly donut was pretty tasty. I wasn’t crazy about the jelly only because I don’t like eating mouthfuls of pure jelly. There’s always that point in the jelly donut eating experience where you’ll have to eat all-jelly else it’ll ooze out onto the table or your hands.

The blueberry donut… o.m.g. I am prejudiced in my love for this donut because I love blueberry everything. What made this even more amazing was biting into actual blueberries in the jam. It was perfect.

I’ll definitely be returning to Linda’s Donuts. Heck, I’ll even get up early.


We returned Saturday morning and just in time…

for a fresh tray of the Boston cream donuts! We thought we were late and we were, but just as we were next in line, they came out with a new batch to stock most of the sold-out donuts. And, Boston creams are my favorite!

I love how the chocolate frosting is drippy cuz I’m not a fan of how some of the hip donut shops these days are using chocolate that you have to bite into. The cream itself wasn’t overly sweet. Hands down this is the best Boston cream donut I’ve had yet.

Next, we tried the Bavarian cream. Again, pillowy soft with the same cream used in the Boston cream. I usually am not a fan of Bavarians but this one was 💯.

And then, we couldn’t resist – or, I couldn’t resist – getting a chocolate covered donut. We had no more room to eat it so we saved it for the next morning and it was just as delicious.

Linda’s Donuts has stolen my donut heart.

Linda’s Donuts
247 Belmont St
Belmont, MA 02478