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Month: March 2017

Dorchester Chili Cook-Off. Here We Go Again

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

The event was held at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 103 on 256 Freeport St. in Dorchester, MA.

We missed the Dorchester Chili Cook Off event last year so we made sure to calendar it in when we found out when it’d be taking place for 2017. And, just like two years before, it did not disappoint.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off (Richard Martin Foundation) | by Lillian Lee

My favorite chili at the event was from the Richard Martin Foundation. It was one of the first chilis we tasted and at the end I had to go back to re-set my palate because there were quite a few sketchy recipes I came across. What made the Richard Martin Foundation chili so delicious was the balance of flavors and the accompaniments of fried onions, guacamole, cheese and sour cream. FYI, they won the People’s Choice award as they should have.

Unfortunately, after having such tasty chili from the Richard Martin Foundation, everything else was a miss from there. Either the chilis tasted too salty, too sweet or were too watery or too dry…or worse, tasted weird.

Luckily, there were some sweet treats to save the day.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

Some strawberry cheesecake ice cream from the Puritan Ice Cream factory. Was it weird to go from chili to ice cream and then back to chili? A little, but it was good ice cream and glad we didn’t wait on this because they ran out pretty soon afterward.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

There were also other sweet treats like macaroons, eclairs, brownies, and cookies from The Sweet Life Lower Mills. The macaroons looked so pretty and were so yummy. I helped myself to a couple.

The only other chili stand-outs were from Tavolo (featured photo up top) and the firefighters from Engine 18, Ladder 6.

Dorchester Chili Cook Off | by Lillian Lee

By the end, we were ready to burst from the amount of food we ate. Hours later, we’re still nursing our food babies.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. We can’t wait for next year!

Video games, video games and…my hero, Bill Amend! PAX East 2017

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I must make a confession. In all the years that I worked at Mimoco, I never went to PAX East…aside from a pre-party. I know. Terrible. But, better late than never, right?

Let me just say that I had an amazing time because it started off so very very very amazing.

Bill Amend of Fox Trot at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I met my cartoonist / comic strip / comic art hero Bill Amend of Fox Trot. I told him how much I loved his work and how much he’s inspired my comic work. Right afterward, I ran away ‘cuz that’s how I do.

Pinny Arcade pin of Quincy by Bill Amend of Fox Trot at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I picked up one of the two pins he was selling – Quincy for the win! Of course, I asked him to sign it for me. Thank you Bill! 

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Descending from the escalator, I was greeted with this sight. It reminded me a little bit of San Diego Comic Con – the loud-thumping sounds and sheer mass of people. Wowee

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

A giant inflatable dragon from Trion Worlds.

Alchemist tabletop board game at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I played my first tabletop game called Alchemist. I won due to being efficient with my cauldron…and asking the demo guy what he would do if he had my cards and stones.

Inner Space at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

The Mister waited to play Inner Space by PolyKnight Games. It looked so beautiful and ethereal. 

Floor Kids by Kid Koala at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

A new tablet/phone game being released by Kid Koala called Floor Kids. It’s a rhythm and music game with a lot of tap tap taps which was right up my alley.

Floor Kids by Kid Koala at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Loved the toy record player display for the Floor Kids booth. It was so cute.


papa bubble candy at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Candy by papabubble from one of the Nintendo booths was SO delicious. Usually these candies are pretty disgusting but papabubble made them amazing – some of the flavors like peach were yum!

Russian Subway Dogs by Spooky Squid Games at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

A friend highly suggested I try out Russian Subway Dogs and it was a blast. It was easy and simple enough…even though I died at the end.

PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

I was more interested in the artwork and design of the games at PAX East more than the game play. So beautiful!

Graceful Explosion Machine by Nintendo at PAX East 2017 | by Lillian Lee

Loved the simple shapes and colors for Graceful Explosion Machine by Nintendo.

It was a lot of walking and I seriously regret not remembering to wear my Fitbit. But, for me, the two highlights were hanging out with great friends and meeting Bill Amend….oh wait, and finding street parking close by because it was cold AF!

Martin’s Coffee Shop in Brookline, MA

Martin's Coffee Shop in Brookline, MA | by Lillian Lee

We were picking up our friend in Brookline for PAX East and decided to grab a bite at this local diner rather than being at the mercy of convention center food.

Martin's Coffee Shop in Brookline, MA | by Lillian Lee

This is only my second time here and like before I gravitated toward the breakfast menu options. I keep it simple.

Martin's Coffee Shop in Brookline, MA | by Lillian Lee

This time I ordered two eggs (over easy) with bacon. It came with some nicely seasoned home fries and English muffin. The plate came out to about $7, which is kinda on the high end, but given it’s location it’s to be expected.

The Mister ordered the corned beef hash and that was delicious.

It’s a super tiny spot and even more tiny for the staff behind the counter as they have to maneuver over and around each other as the cooks cook and the servers grab orders to bring to people.

We sat at the countertop and had a nice conversation with the owner who took pride in the fact that they cook all the eggs to order. He filled us in on how most places serve pre-made eggs. I like people who respect the egg.

And soon, Martin’s Coffee Shop will be celebrating their 100th year. Craziness.

If I do go back, I’d love to try out their other menu options for lunch and entree.

Martin’s Coffee Shop
35 Harvard St
Brookline, MA, US, 02445
Tel: 617-566-0005

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