The Rockwell

Saturday night at The Rockwell in Somerville, Ronny Chieng from The Daily Show made me laugh so hard that tears were rolling down my face and my voice got hoarse from laughing so much.

This was exactly what I needed after the week we had and I’m so glad that he touched on the insanity. Yes, yes…yassss!

I didn’t care too much for the comics that preceded him tho especially when one of them, who was actually the host, recycled the whole Chinese-people-eating-cats/dogs “joke.” Really? You’re gonna throw that one out knowing that Ronny is headlining the event? And, knowing that it’s been done so much that unless you bring something new to the table, you better sit down and stay seated. But, the Mister and I didn’t come to the show for him. Thank gawd.

Ronny touched on so many things that the Mister and I could relate to: going through customs at the airport, the subway, and being Chinese among many other things.

Ronny Chieng | by Lillian Lee

At the end of the show, Ronny was super nice about meeting the audience and we jumped at the chance. I told him, “I love you,” as the Mister and I left with a couple USBs of his previous specials.

I asked the Mister if he was aight with me telling that to Ronny to which he responded that he loved Ronny too.