When we decided to get married, we did it two months later.

Neither one of us wanted a big, traditional wedding – neither Chinese nor western. We just wanted to hang out with our family & friends and eat good food. Other than adhering to a good date according to THE Chinese almanac called the Tung Shing (which both of our mothers were hell bent on following to the point where tears almost erupted when we suggested otherwise) everything else was easy peasy.

Engagement Photos

We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

The Mister took our engagement photos in the park nearby. Armed with his camera and tripod, we went to town jumping, holding hands and leaning against each other for oh-so-romantic shots. We had a lot of fun although it did involve a lot of running around on his part.

Wedding Attire

We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

The Mister wore a navy suit paired with a purple tie & purple handkerchief with a bumblebee pattern and a pair of brown shoes.

I found a cute, white dress called the Gemma Sequin Lace & Tulle Dress for $60 on Delia’s. No, it’s not a wedding dress. But, who says that it can’t be? In my book, if it’s white, it can be a wedding dress.


We Got Married | by Lillian Lee
All along, I had planned on wearing these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline sneakers in white, but no one knew. I made the excuse that I’d be changing into strappy heels once we got to city hall. I lied. I never changed out of my shoes and I was comfortable AF the entire day.

No Chapel. City Hall, Please!

We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

I thought it was fun going through the metal detectors at Boston City Hall in our wedding outfits. Our families were able to squeeze into the little office where we spoke our vows. There were lots of happy tears and laughter. Afterward, we played corn hole and hula hooped on the turf right outside; hopped on the carousel at the Rose Kennedy Greenway; and made our way to Hei La Moon in Chinatown for dinner. There was a lot of walking but we got to make memories in the city we love.


We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

My best gal pal got me the most beautiful bouquet from the street vendor at the subway station. They were perfect!


We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

All of our family & friends participated. We got a lot of great & fun photos. My best gal pal even put them together into a photo book for us as a present.

Party Invitations

We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

We used Paperless Post evites and used one of the shots from our engagement shoot. You’d think that because I’m a designer that I would’ve wanted to design our wedding invitations, but no. Honestly, I didn’t care; he didn’t care; and I don’t think our guests were going to care either. Also, Paperless Post offer really beautiful, minimalist and classic designs.

The Party

We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

The Bostonia Public House is one of our favorite bars in town. They have an amazing menu – ummm, tater tot poutine, HELLO! We skipped introductions, speeches, and first dance – we just wanted to get to the part that mattered and hang out with all our friends and family together for drinks and food.


We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

After some thought, we did want something wedding-ish. Enter the wedding cake. We went thru the vendor that partners with Bostonia Public House called Confectionately Yours since it was less expensive than bringing in our own cake. We had no idea how the cake would taste but we figured Bostonia Public House wouldn’t partner with just anyone. Also, we checked out the bakery’s Yelp reviews and there was nothing but good things.

Our cake was beautiful –  classic and elegant. More importantly, it was delicious! We were super sad that none of the extra cake slices made it back our way.

Thank You Gifts

We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

We wanted to give out useful gifts for our family & friends, but with a twist. We gave out his favorite tea (green tea) and mine (earl grey) with our faces on the tea labels. We absolutely loved it when people sent us photos of their tea cups with us staring right at them afterward.

Final Thoughts

We Got Married | by Lillian Lee

I never leafed through any wedding magazines or forced myself to consider the traditional wedding route. Luckily, the Mister was on the same page.  It’s just one day. It keeps things into perspective when you think of it that way. It did for us.

Happy memories with many more to come 💕